How to Guides

Here are a set of guides to help you apply some of the more common KM practices in your organization. For some you, these will be enough to get you started, especially if you take the time to pause and learn  as you go.

For those of you that would like help to make sure you get these right the first time around, please contact us for additional guidance.

We would appreciate your feedback on any of the guides, especially if you use them  and have some experience to share. We thrive on learning from experience and are committed to continuously improving our practices and processes.

KM Roadmap - a comprehensive map to guide an organization through their KM journey from assessment to strategy to implementation
Guide to Peer Assists - a technique for learning and transferring knowledge before implementing a project or activity
Guide to Mini-Peer Assists - a technique for quickly sharing relevant knowledge, good practices and lessons learned in a meeting or group event
Guide to Action Reviews - a fast technique for teams to learn in the moment, 'while doing'
Guide to Retrospects - a technique for team learning after an event, project or activity, in a useful format for sharing with others
Guide to Knowledge Communities and Communities of Practice - step-by-step approach to establishing and renewing collaborative networks
10-Step Guide to Knowledge Capture - step-by -step approach & process for capturing knowledge from an individual
Knowledge Capture 1-Pager - a simple template to document some knowledge, a good practice or lesson you've learned one one page!
Guide to Knowledge Elicitation Interviews - a simple guide for gathering experience, lessons and good practices from individuals