How KM Impacts Industries

Knowledge management is a key lever for business and mission performance. It just has to be 'pulled' the right way.

Back in the day, KM was focused on improving repeatable processes, wherever similar know-how and experience was needed over and over again to deliver the same results. It was also used to find, share and transfer authoritative knowledge where and when there was a 'right' or approved and vetted answer to a problem.


Today, these same needs exist. But, there are also some new challenges for KM to address.  These include the need to deal with more complexity in our work and personal lives, where a single answer doesn't exist and there are many more variables and choices to consider.  In these cases, KM can have a dramatic impact by helping organizations tap people and knowledge with new and different ideas, or simply different ways of thinking.

The practices of KM and collaborative learning are relevant for any industry or institution.  However, every public or private sector organization has their own unique context and requirements that need to be addressed to maximize the impact of KM.

Our private sector clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, State Farm, Northrop Grumman, Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson), WBB Consulting, MBIA, ASI, BAE Systems, BAT, Petrobras, HESS, Unocal (now Chevron), Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Saudi Aramco.

Our public sector clients include the US Army and Navy, NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Save the Children, The Conference Board and Providence Health Care.


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