KM Assessment & Strategy Development

Leveraging the collective know-how and experience of your organization, customers, partners and suppliers is a lofty goal. Doing this as a ‘one-off’ or as a special initiative is hard enough. Making KM and collaborative learning a sustainable lever for high performance is a lot tougher.  It requires alignment with business value and growth strategies, as well as current operational needs. It also requires a lot of experience to meet organizations ‘where they are at’ and ensure success as they move out in KM, whether it’s their first step or time for renewal. Not to mention the buy-in of senior leadersand key stakeholders, and budget-holders!



We’ve performed assessments, developed KM strategies and designed renewal programs for more than 30 organizations over the last 15 years, resulting in a comprehensive KM Roadmap (free download available) and proven assessment methodology to help guide clients on their journey.

We have an incredible track record in designing & implementing demonstration projects that result in tangible business improvement while establishing a foundation of people, process and technology enablers for the long term.

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Our key deliverables include:
  • Organization-Specific Business Case for KM
  • Senior management and key stakeholder buy-in
  • Current & Future State Gap Analysis
  • Business/KM Alignment Mapping
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Identification & Assessment of KM Opportunities & Pilot Projects
  • KM Implementation Plans (including Business Performance Management, Communication & Change Management, Technology Management, and Project & Resource Management)

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been thinking about renewing your KM efforts Contact us about your knowledge assessment and strategy needs,