Knowledge Networks & Communities

The power of professional networks and Communities of Practice are seen and felt everywhere, and we’ve have a hand in helping establish and sustain many of them.

When people in different teams and organizations have a strong desire to help and learn from each other, all you really need is some guidance on getting started to get knowledge flowing. However, when faced with establishing a knowledge community in an organization with high expectations and little patience for learning the hard way, it takes more than hope and desire to make it happen. We've been there, and can help you engineer your community aspirations for success.

One of the most successful examples of a professional community is the US Army’s Community of Company Commanders.  Much can be learned from their experience, from start-up to expansion, and dealing with complex, ambiguous and rapidly changing objectives. We’ve been there from their early beginnings, coaching and advising the leaders and members. In truth, we probably learned more from them than they did from us.

We’ve learned the real intent of communities is to prompt and provoke conversations between members. And, the most effective communities are informal but highly intentional, plus one size does not fit all. Whether your company culture is to use a top-down or bottom-up approach, or a mix of each, we’ve been there and found a way to make professional networks and communities thrive.

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