Social Learning

Learning and gaining knowledge are no longer managed only by an organizations Training & Development department. Even those who are very effective providing classroom and e-learning courses are admitting that much of our needed learning and knowledge comes directly from experience, not books or e-content on the web. Learning informally from day-to-day experience and from strong and weak ties not only has unlimited potential… it’s the way many of us now prefer to learn.

In companies and institutions that have worked hard at organizational learning and knowledge management, a step-change in performance has been their prize. Social media holds new promise as a  force-multiplier for knowledge transfer to create a next level of performance for those reaching for the next top!

Social learning is where Social Media meets KM and our research leading a working group of 11 corporations on Knowledge Transfer in a Digital World puts us on the leading and learning edge of this emergent practice. The findings from this 9 month research effort are just becoming available in a report ...please let us know if you are interested in receiving a copy.

We have developed a guide and some frameworks to help identify, assess uptake and impact of social media tools for collaboration and social learning, and help select the right social media tool for the right business knowledge transfer need and situation.

Contact us to explore how we can help you accelerate individual, team and organizational learning through the integration of social media and proven KM techniques.