KM Training & Development

We’ve delivered KM training and coaching programs to public and private sector organizations ranging from Save the Children to BAE Systems to the US Army and Navy.  Our approach is designed to build internal skills and create capability for companies and institutions to lead and support their own KM initiatives. Standard training modules, guides and other supporting materials are tailored to fit each organizations objectives and culture, resulting in programs that met their unique needs. Personal coaching and KM competency development plans round out our delivery of very comprehensive and professional training packages for institutional use.

In addition to designing and delivering courses for clients, our founder, Kent Greenes, teaches a graduate-level course on “The Business & Practice of KM” in the Master’s Degree Program at California State University at Northridge. This course provides a ready source of KM content for our client training programs that is continuously updated by demands of the marketplace.

Because we have delivered training to many organizations in many diverse markets and sectors, we are able to quickly design and deliver fit for purpose training solutions ranging from half-day workshops to 6 month competency development programs. A distinctive element of our training process is on-the-job application of the principles and practices to solve actual business problems and challenges. In this way, client ‘students’ truly learn what works for their organization while delivering a meaningful business result, which typically more than pays for the cost of the training.

Here’s a list of our current training modules:
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Business Case Development
  • KM Assessment & Strategy Development
  • Communities of Practice
  • Team Learning Processes
  • Knowledge Sharing & Transfer (including Social Media & Generational Adaptations)
  • Knowledge Harvesting & Capture (including Knowledge Elicitation, Distillation and Packaging, and approaches to ‘Lessons Learned’)
  • Best Practice Transfer
  • KM Organization (Structures, Governance, Roles, Operating Principles)
  • KM Project Management
  • KM Facilitation & Change Management

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