Consumer Products

The need for KM in consumer product companies has never been greater.

Similar to other industries that create and manufacture products, optimizing repeatable processes with better and next practices and relevant lessons that  others have learned continues to be hot drivers for KM.

But the real KM prize for this industry is accelerating the process and results of innovation, both incremental and breakthrough. KM practices can improve the process of innovation at almost every stage, whether it's used to tap a broader network of people for ideas, or capture and re-use the ones that don't make it through the 'funnel'.

KM can also lead to competitive advantage, especially when it comes to learning at the speed of business. Entering new markets with new products requires fast learning if an organization is to be successful from the start.

We've worked with a consumer product companies to accelerate product development and optimize their entry into new markets. Check out our success stories in this industry to see how we might be able to help you apply KM.

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