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Social Learning - Is there really any other way?

Dec 30 2011
I've been practicing, or should say learning and experiencing, KM since the early 1990's when my team was asked to create this new capability for BP. If I would have heard the term 'Social Learning' back then we might have used that instead of Knowledge Management. However, our tag line was "Performing Through Learning" and in retrospect I think we at least got that right.

Personal Learning and Performing

Dec 6 2010
Some things you can do right now to learn fast and improve your own performance today! Many of us are aware of things like Peer Assists, U.S. Army After Action Reviews… proven techniques used by teams to learn before, during and after their work activities, tasks and projects. These are great ways to reflect, learn and transfer knowledge among and between groups of people. But what about your own personal learning? How are you learning fast to improve your performance every day?

Knowledge Leadership… Transform your organization’s performance with 2 simple questions

Dec 6 2010
Great leaders have always found ways to help teams deliver high performance. But it takes more than formal work teams to succeed in today’s rapidly-changing business world and uncertain marketplaces. Everyday we hear a new story about a company that is leveraging the collective experience of their organizations employees, partners, suppliers and customers to create breakthrough performance.
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