Team Learning & Performing

We specialize in helping teams to learn before, during and after projects and programs, resulting in quick and dramatic improvements to their operational performance. .

Working closely with teams on-the-job, we embed simple and fast learning techniques in the flow of the work so learning becomes routine and not an afterthought or an ‘extra’ thing to do. Our methods adeliver demonstrable results because we aren't finished until a lesson is actually applied and learned



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When an organization wants to ‘make KM happen’ and requires a tangible result on a current or upcoming business challenge, they come to us to apply one of these proven techniques:

Peer Assists

A facilitated work-session (face-to-face or virtual) where peers share & transfer highly relevant knowledge and experience with a team that has an upcoming challenge or problem. This proven technique is the knowledge transfer tool of choice for many organizations because it delivers actionable results in real-time.  Teams leave a peer assist session with new knowledge and options that change their plans and solve their toughest challenges.

Download a free ‘how-to’ guide and learn more about this widely-used method of knowledge transfer.

Mini-Peer Assist

A technique used in a meeting to help a team or individual gather helpful practices, learning and insights before they undertake an activity, task or project.  One hour is typically required to produce meaningful results. Download a free ‘how-to’ guide and learn more about this widely-used method of knowledge transfer.

Action Review

A quick and simple team learning technique used while work is being performed, usually during a break in a process, activity or task. It is used to ‘learn in the moment’ and transfer knowledge immediately into the work at hand, as opposed to learning after a major project or activity has been completed. It was originally designed by the U.S. Army and uses four simple questions. Download a free ‘how-to’ guide and learn more about this popular learning technique.


A very effective and fast group learning technique for learning after an event, activity, project or program. It uses a facilitated approach to group reflection that uncovers the ‘why’, not just the ‘what, how and when.’ It’s a proven approach for generating new knowledge from the collective experience of the team that performed the work, and is deliberately designed to capture and document their lessons and good practices for re-use by others. Download a free ‘how-to’ guide and learn more about this widely-used ‘learning after’ technique.

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