Knowledge Sharing & Transfer

The first thing most people do today when they need information or knowledge is 'Google it' ...actually seems like more people are searching their Twitter streams to find rmore relevant stuff!  Some of us may even seek out a friend in Facebook or text someone in our personal network. If you routinely get the knowledge you need from these approaches, you don’t need our help in KM.

However, if you find these approaches aren’t always sufficient because of natural limitations to your personal networks, or the content you find doesn’t provide enough context or relevancy to make it actionable for your purposes, we can help. Our deep experience ranges from informal, peer-to-peer and team-to-team knowledge sharing and transfer exchanges to the design and implementation of formal, enterprise-wide knowledge and 'best' practice transfer programs.

We understand the importance of going beyond finding and sharing so that knowledge actually moves and transfers from those that have it to those that need it, when they need it.

Our expertise using proven methods and tools for knowledge sharing and transfer to solve real problems and meet new challenges is recognized globally and documented in many articles and books. But, we’re not resting on our successes. We are pioneering the application of social learning and new social media and other breakthrough concepts to accelerate the informal flow and transfer of knowledge across boundaries of organizations, geographies, cultures and time.

And, through our sponsored working group research on generational knowledge transfer we are pushing the learning edge on how to adapt proven knowledge sharing and transfer techniques to work in today’s multi-generational workforce. Our hands-on experience over the last 15 years tells us how important it is to address both the sources and receivers of knowledge when it comes to moving knowledge and experience, which means understanding and acting on the diverse learning preferences of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials.

Contact us today to up your game in knowledge sharing and transfer.