Private Sector

The practices of KM and collaborative learning are relevant for any industry or institution.  However, every public or private sector organization has their own unique context and requirements that need to be addressed to maximize the impact of KM.

Knowledge management in the private sector initially focused on re-using knowledge to solve problems and streamline repeatable business processes. For companies where 'time is money', the value proposition for KM has always been clear - that is, to re-use what they have alreaady spent money on to develop and learn. The challenge has this is easier said than done. Our key to success has been to deliver demonstable and meaningful results that clients can touch and feel, such as cost and time savings, and increased production. These are benefits than can and should be measured.

These types of benefits are still needed by companies today. But they also have new challenges that may only be met by leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of their employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Especially when their work and business challenges are complex and ambiguous.

The ability to make sense of all the inputs and variables in business today is beyond most individuals. It takes the combined brainpower and sense-making of many people to come up with the right answers. This is where knowledge management is really starting to thrive. For many companies ijn the past, KM was nice to have. For most companies today, it's required to survive, let alone compete or stay ahead of the competition.

Our private sector clients include:

PriceWaterhouseCoopers     State Farm Insurance      Northrop Grumman,

Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson)      WBB Consulting      MBIA

Acquisitions Solutions      BAE Systems      BAT      Petrobras      HESS

Unocal (now Chevron)       Kuwait Petroleum Corporation      Saudi Aramco.


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